Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dictaphonia #5 lineup so far...

Here listed below is what I have received for Dictaphonia #5 so far. If you have not yet contributed to Dictaphonia, or even if you have previously contributed, please send a 3-minute audio work on microcassette. This will probably be the last volume of Dictaphonia!

01 Otolathe
Tampa, Florida, USA
"Tannenberg 1410"

02 William Wesley & The Tiny Sockets
Pounding Mill, Virginia, USA
"If something comes up with the fuzz I ain't got no buzz"

03) Rajun Cajun
Plant City, Florida, USA

04) Heffalump Tramp
Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire, England
"Bird terrorism crashes plane"

05) Ceramic Hobs
Blackpool, England
"Punk rock ist nicht tot"

06) Mi.T.-CON (Michael Thomas Roe and Conrad Schnitzler)
Atlanta, Georgia, USA and Dallgow, Germany

07) Charles Rice Goff III
Kansas City, Kansas, USA
"Take A Letter"

08) M.Stactor
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Egg Blood"

09) Mannequin Hollowcaust
Kingsport, Tennessee, USA
"waste not/want not"

10) Ironing
Gainesville, Florida, USA