Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20th - 12 submissions received so far

I received one contribution on Saturday, and two more today.

10) Vagina Teeth/Jesus Teeth - "The Sky and The Sea Bed" (Clemmons, North Carolina, USA)
11) William A. Davison - "Garbage Guitar And Objects 090410 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
12) Homogenized Terrestrials - "air" (Princeton, Illinois, USA)

After I receive another 8-10 submissions there are ought to be enough material to fill up the first volume of Dictaphonia. If you cannot send your contribution in time to make it onto the first Dictaphonia compilation, do not worry - I will do at least two volumes, so you can be on the second one.

I should receive another Panasonic RR-930 desktop microcassette machine in the next day or so, so this next weekend I will probably start working on mastering the first Dictaphonia compilation.


  1. I just realized that your Panasonic is the same model microcassette machine that I have! Mine is used, and came with a tape inside.

  2. I just received the second one on Wednesday, so I will soon start working on mastering the first volume of Dictaphonia. I am also considering alternative packaging methods. For example, a microcassette fits perfectly inside a matchbox. Plus, I also need to figure out how to get a piece of paper containing the names of all 20-22 artists and their track titles inside of the tiny microcassette case. But these are the kinds of challenges I enjoy.

  3. I fully understand. My favorite odd printing method is to print (in reverse) on glossy paper or a transparency, then lay a piece of toilet paper over it-- rub the TP with a book to transfer the wet ink-- voila! Super-thin liner notes. Kinda useless, but fun.