Tuesday, May 19, 2009

5 more recordings received - Volume 2 is filling up!

35) Kurt Gottschalk
New York, New York, USA
"A Difficult Fortnight"

36) Julie Schubert
Cottonwood, Arizona
"Spinning Naiad"

37) Andrew Coltrane
Redford, Michigan
"Death Letter"

38) The Raytownian(s)
Huntsville, Alabama
"We Are In A Corporatist State (Pt. 2)"

39) Belltonesuicide
Easthampton, Massachusetts
"Your Mouth Is An Open Sore"

After I receive about 10 or 11 more submissions I will have enough material to fill up the second volume of Dictaphonia.

Yesterday I mailed out 18 contributor's copies of Dictaphonia #1. I will mail out the others today and tomorrow.

Dictaphonia #1 will be available for sale in a few days. I will post bulletins and make announcements via e-mail, on MySpace, and on my web site, halmcgee.com. Contributors can purchase additional copies at lower prices - contact me for info.


  1. hey hal - this was a totally fun challenge! can't wait to see/hear.

    - kurt

  2. Thanks, Hal!
    Dictaphonia #1 was lots of fun.
    Can't wait for volume 2...

    Kathy B.