Wednesday, July 15, 2009

several submissions received for Dictaphonia Volume 4

I have received several contributions which will be on the fourth volume of Dictaphonia.

73) Sparkle Girl
Seattle, Washington, USA
"A Series Of Tubes"

74) Mark Sonnenfeld
East Windsor, New Jersey, USA
"Nagging Haunt"

75) Igloo Martian
La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
"The Pocket-Sized Beat"

76) Enstruction
Seattle, Washington, USA

77) The Lexington Steele
Clemmons, North Carolina, USA
"Untitled No. 1 (for Shirley)"

78) Cellular Terror
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
"Electronic Fingerprints"

79) Witch With Flying Head
San Francisco, California, USA
"They Call Him Neato Bombeleato"

80) Dave X
Carterville, Illinois, USA

81) Kathy Burkett
Lady Lake, Florida, USA
"Japanese Dachshund"

82) minimum of none
Gainesville, Florida, USA
"more talk"

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