Monday, July 6, 2009

three more Dictaphonia submissions - from Novorossiysk, Nagasaki, and Pounding Mill

Today when I got home from work I found three packages containing contributions for the Dictaphonia project:

Novorossiysk and Saint Petersburg, Russia
"Support Service"

Nagasaki, Japan
"a straw and water"

Pounding Mill, Virginia, USA
"Wisdom Teeth"

Yesterday I worked on the master of Dictaphonia 3. After receiving these three tracks the third volume might be full, or I might have room for one more track. I will know in a few days when I add these three submissions to the master. This coming weekend I will create the artwork and start making tape copies. I also will publish mp3s of Dictaphonia 2 very soon. It is my plan to mail out the first contributor's copies of Dictaphonia 3 on Monday, July 20. 

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