Saturday, August 1, 2009

6 more contributions received - Dictaphonia #4 is nearly full

In the last week or so I have received six more contributions to the Dictaphonia project. This brings to 19 the total of contributions received that will be on Dictaphonia Volume 4, with about 4-6 more needed to fill up the compilation.

86) The Montreal Nintendo Orkester
Hampstead, Quebec, Canada
"The Great Origami Lobster (Dictaphone Version)"

Northampton, England
"Long Way Down"

North Oaks, Minnesota, USA
"Mounded Cramphole"

89) Frog
Gainesville, Florida, USA
"Cryptically Titled"

Hickory, North Carolina, USA
"Mother Teresa Of Calcutta"

91) Hal McGee
Gainesville, Florida, USA
"Download This!" 

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