Wednesday, August 19, 2009

review of Dictaphonia #3 by JLIAT in Vital Weekly

In all 23 tracks on this release of various material, the better I think realizing the nature of the media which in this case plays a significant part of just what is going on. Those interested can still buy the recorders to play this series, which raise a number of questions, one regarding modernism and what has subsequently followed, even to the extent that post-modernism is seen by many now as passé - we might be in a period "after theory". Certainly the microcasstte raises McLuhanish issues (theories!) which are/were "modern" - the alter ego of the present virtuality where even the medium has disappeared, perhaps the message has returned but its now empty theory-less and floats in MP3 MP4 Voc Ogg MOV flak. whatever - computers will automatically find the codec. but what is left in the virtual is the idea of a virtual and so non-existent individualism of Stirner (via iphones which make farting noises) who appears on this comp and who predicted the future and all this freedom, via torrents, posted on blogs, etc. I have been more concerned with wasps this summer than swine flu. Not w.a.s.p.(s) but something like that did for Stirner. this tape remains a tragic reminder of rationality and sense - and also property and object. (jliat)

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  1. microcassette, microcomment, the finger on the button. head on tape as ideas are on the tongue.