Friday, August 7, 2009

Hal just bought a microcassette answering machine - look for Dictaphonia #5, the answering machine compilation!

Last night I won an auction on eBay for a Panasonic KX-T5100 dual microcassette telephone answering machine. If it actually works well, and I assume it will (but I will fully test it of course), I will make an announcement inviting people to contribute to Dictaphonia #5, The Answering Machine Compilation.

More details to come, after I fully develop the idea, but anyone and everyone will be invited to contribute a short audio recording of absolutely any sort. This will allow even those people who don't own microcassette recorders to create their own microcassette recording!

In the announcement I will state that if you want to contribute, send me an e-mail to get the telephone number. Contributors can call up and leave messages on the machine either anonymously, or they can state their name. This compilation will be released simultaneouly on microcassette, and online as two continuous mp3s of each of the two sides of the microcassette tape that I will load into the machine to record your telephone calls.

Contributors will be able to contribute more than once as long as you all promise to make short recordings! - from 15 seconds up to a couple of minutes.

I am looking for a lot of variety in the messages, style-, content-, and mood-wise, a big grab bag audio trash heap collage: rants, weird little sound effects, cryptic voice messages, funny, sexy, surreal, paranoid, confessions, hate messages, pranks, jokes, static, buzzing, feedback, dream recollections, lo tech electronic sounds, little poems and stories, etc. In other words, I prefer shorter, less-developed, fragmentary recordings that will be elements in a larger whole.

I will make an "official" announcement here and on MySpace, Facebook, and by e-mail announcement when the project is ready to start.

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