Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dictaphonia Microcassette Compilation 4 upcoming

Dictaphonia Microcassette Compilation Volume 4 will be available on Friday, August 21, 2009.
See probable lineup below.

I am still accepting contributions to the Dictaphonia project! Go to this page for submission info:

Dictaphonia #3 will be available in its entirety online in about five days
It is still available for purchase in its original microcassette format:

The first two volumes of Dictaphonia are still available in their original microcassette format, plus available for free download:

Dictaphonia Microcassette Compilation #5 will be a special answering machine edition in which anyone can telephone Hal McGee's microcassette answering machine and leave a one-minute message - starting soon
Write me to request the telephone number.

Dictaphonia Fest, a showcase of experimental microcassette audio art featuring performances by participants in the Dictaphonia project, will be held Saturday, November 7, 2009, at The Laboratory, 818 W. University Ave., Gainesville, Florida, USA.

Dictaphonia Microcassette Compilation 4
probable lineup

01) Sparkle Girl
Seattle, Washington, USA
"A Series Of Tubes"

02) Mark Sonnenfeld
East Windsor, New Jersey, USA
"Nagging Haunt"

03) Igloo Martian
La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
"The Pocket-Sized Beat"

04) Enstruction
Seattle, Washington, USA

05) The Lexington Steele
Clemmons, North Carolina, USA
"Untitled No. 1 (for Shirley)"

06) Cellular Terror
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
"Electronic Fingerprints"

07) Witch With Flying Head
San Francisco, California, USA
"They Call Him Neato Bombeleato"

08) Dave X
Carterville, Illinois, USA

09) Kathy Burkett
Lady Lake, Florida, USA
"Japanese Dachshund"

10) minimum of none
Gainesville, Florida, USA
"more talk"

11) Front Gauche de l'art/Hermann Kleid
Rennes, France
"Étude pathétique pour violoncelle un jour d'orage"

12) The Saint Petersburg Institute Of Noise
Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA
"I Never Road A Skateboard"

13) H.G. Wells
Seattle, Washington, USA
"Jesus Razor Blade"

14) The Montreal Nintendo Orkestar
Hampstead, Quebec, Canada
"The Great Origami Lobster (Dictaphone Version)"

15) The Silent Committee
Northampton, England
"Long Way Down"

16) Bryce Beverlin II
North Oaks, Minnesota, USA
"Mounded Cramphole"

17) Frog
Gainesville, Florida, USA
"Cryptically Titled"

18) Projexorcism
Hickory, North Carolina, USA
"Mother Teresa Of Calcutta"

19) Hal McGee
Gainesville, Florida, USA
"Download This!"

20) Gerechtigkeits Liga
London, England and Berlin, Germany

21) S.O.S. aka Astral Fields Farmer
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
"Synchro-Expansion Microphone"

22) Dave Fuglewicz
Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA
"D-Enabled Tripton Zone"

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