Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dictaphonia #2 is complete - keep sending your recordings - I will produce a third volume of Dictaphonia

Yesterday I received what will be the last two contributions that will appear on the second volume of the Dictaphonia Microcassette Compilation project.

48) Melissa Lovely & Justin Waters Here And Thereian Duo
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

49) Pony Payroll
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

As many of you know, Justin Waters produced the famous Microcassettor project, which was a major inspiration for the Dictaphonia project, and operates the Sound From The Pocket label.

This weekend I will probably continue working on the master for Dictaphonia #2, and I hope to have it ready for release in a couple of weeks or so.

I will produce at least one more volume of Dictaphonia in the microcassette format. So, if you have not already sent a recording and wish to participate in the project send yours soon if you want to be on Dictaphonia #3.

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