Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dictaphonia Volume Two is now available! plus listing info

DICTAPHONIA Microcassette Compilation 2 is now available
24 artists
61 minutes of sound recordings made on microcassette,
released on microcassette
Go to this page on my web site for more info

recordings by Dave Wright, Richard Orlando, Mark McGee, Sonic Disorder, Douglas Burkett, Jamison Williams, Zebra Mu, Ian Watson, Crap Last Tape, Kurt Gottschalk, Julie Schubert, Dada Action Group, Andrew Coltrane, The Raytownian(s), Belltonesuicide, blanco estira nuestro (+) hermana Hélice, Fried Marlenstahl, NXP, Rez Epo, Hanson Ono, Death Factory, Douglas Ferguson, Melissa Lovely & Justin Waters Here And Thereian Duo, Pony Payroll

this is a homemade product!
featuring simple homestyle packaging
each tape comes with a j-card cut out of a magazine (each one is different)
with a black and white photocopy insert
with collage artwork on one side
and a list of the artists and their piece titles on the other
$6.00 postage paid USA and Canada
$7.00 Air Mail postage paid everywhere else
PayPal to haltapes1 @ aol dot com

Dictaphonia #2 is now listed at, thanks to Andrew Chadwick

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