Friday, June 5, 2009

the first four tracks on Dictaphonia #3 received - I hope to have Dictaphonia #2 ready June 15

In the last two days I have received four more contributions to the Dictaphonia project, all of which will appear on Dictaphonia #3.

York, Pennsylvania, USA
"Panic Attack"

Kingsport, Tennessee, USA
"shrapnel bath"

52) Karl J. Palouček
Berwyn, Illinois, USA

Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA

I have completed the master for Dictaphonia #2, and soon I will start producing copies for the contributors, putting together the artwork, etc. I hope to be able to start mailing out copies on June 15th.

My friend Dave Fuglewicz, who appeared on Dictaphonia #1, recently custom-built a device for me that will make production of Dictaphonia tape copies not only much easier and more efficient, but will enhance the sound quality.


  1. what sort of device? please share!

  2. I'll also be playing parts of Vol. 1 and 2 this friday June 19th, on my radio show, The Ill-Planned Escape Route on 10pm-midnight EST.


  3. Dave made an attenuator for me. At the beginning of the Dictaphonia project I bought two Panasonic RR-930 desktop microcassette transcriber machines to make copies of the compilations. My original plan was to record copies from the compilation master by connecting a cable from the master playback machine into the MIC jack of the microcassette machines and thereby making direct line dubs. This however created a horrible distorted buzzing/rumble that made the copies unusable. I was informed by those with technical know-how that this happened because the MIC jack is a pre-amp. When I made the first 25 or so copies of Dictaphonia #1 I had to make open air dubs (believe it or not), playing the master back through a small Marshall guitar amp and recording the copies using the built-in condenser microphones on the Panasonic machines. The upside of this was that I could make two copies of the compilation at a time. Plus I had the joy of hearing each and every copy as it was made. Needless to say I have an intimate knowledge of Dictaphonia #1. Somewhat surprisingly to me, many people have commented on how great those early copies of Dictaphonia #1 sound! Dave Fuglewicz built an attenuator, which in simple terms reduces the signal so that it doesn't overload the MIC jack of the recorders. So now I am able to make copies by more or less making line dubs. Because I am not making open air dubs any more while making copies I can now move about my tiny apartment freely, bump into things clumsily and curse, flush the toilet if I want to, and run the air conditioner, yawn loudly, talk on the telephone, and play other music.

  4. Hi Mike, thanks for playing Dictaphonia #1 and #2 on your The Ill-Planned Escape Route radio show!