Saturday, June 27, 2009

three more recordings received, radio airplay, Hal McGee interview

In the last several days I received three more contributions, all of which will be on the upcoming Dictaphonia #3. I need to receive about seven more contributions and then #3 will be ready to go! - probably sometime in July.

The track by Master/Slave Relationship is the first new MSR recording in over a decade.

Los Angeles, California, USA

Seffner, Florida, USA
"So Pissed Off"

66) EGG
Pasadena, California, USA
"Transmutations in Juarez"

Michael Barrett played the first five tracks from Side B of Dictaphonia #1 on the June 19th edition of his Ill-Planned Escape Route radio program in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Dave X interviewed me on the June 20th edition of his It's Too Damn Early radio show. You can download the interview on this page on my web site - look in the left margin. Later in the same program he played the first seven tracks from Side A of Dictaphonia #2. On his June 27th show he played the entire second side of Dictaphonia #2.

I am still accepting contributions to the Dictaphonia project.
Information on Dictaphonia #1

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